"That's Life Photography"            

I approach my passion for photography with an unique perspective, which is very simple, "I just go for it, I see it with my heart, mind and soul, I concentrate, I have fun, I let the time rock'n roll and then I make the moment into a complete beautiful stillness!"

Photography is my passion. Freezing  moments of real life, it's a treasure of time standing still.

A real  statement in our world, to last for ever, making it's own history.

 I love and prefer to photograph with natural light, may it be portraits of people, animals, objects, abstract, nature or sports.

My favorite subject is anything with action in the outdoors... 

My camera's view finder is my third eye and when I don't have my camera with me, I feel empty, as if a part of me is missing...
So for Me,
"That´s Life Photography"

Ilona Tongel

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